It's official: NAV offers search engine optimization expertise to increase online visibility.

NAV Communications is pleased to announce the official launch of its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. After successful experience in this field, NAV Communications is now expanding its range of services, offering its clients customized approaches and effective strategies for increasing online visibility.NAV Communications is dedicated to ... Read More »

26th Sept 2023
Launch of Premium DNS service

We are improving the services we offer, so we would like to announce the launch of the new Premium DNS service. Premium DNS suits companies that manage many websites with high traffic, high redundancy needs, and more. By using this service, you will never be surprised by a spike in traffic that would cause downtime and loss of potential ... Read More »

16th Sept 2022
Noi pachete pentru Servere Dedicate

Imbunătățim constant serviciile oferite, astfel că dorim să anunțăm lansarea noilor pachete pentru Servere Dedicate. Acestea au performanțe ridicate, sunt echipate cu ultima generație de procesoare Intel, beneficiază de conexiuni de până la 100Gb/s și uptime garantat pentru website-uri cu trafic intens, aplicații cu cerințe mari de ... Read More »

28th Jun 2022
Russian TLDs

Due to the current events occurring in Ukraine and the economic sanctions on Russia, it is currently not possible to process any .ru registrations or transfers.List of affected extensions :     .ru,,,,    .рф    .suAt the moment, renewals are not impacted and we will do our best to keep it that way.Thank ... Read More »

8th Mar 2022
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