NAV Communications member of RIPE NCC As of today, 10th August 2012 we’re offering IP Address space and AS Number assigning services. NAV Communications is an accredited RIPE NCC Local Internet Registry (LIR), thus authorized to assign IPv4 and IPv6 address space and AS numbers. IP (IPv4 and IPv6 address) e.g. (the website IP address) The IP address is a unique number that the hosts in a network use to “talk” to eachother using TCP/IP. Any host on a network, be it a computer, router, server, network printer, IP phone etc. must be identified by an unique IP address. Please see our IP Address space allocation offer: IPv4 and IPv6 Resources AS (Autonomous System) Number e.g. AS6718 (NAV Communications’s AS Number) An autonomous system is made up of a group of networks that use the Internet Protocol. This group is maintained by one or several network operators using a single clearly defined routing policy. When the routing exchange occurs with the outside, each AS is identified by a unique number (ASN). Please see our AS Number assignment offer: AS Number Assignment

Friday, August 10, 2012

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